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"We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.  If a man's gift is ... leadership, let him govern diligently."             

             Romans 12:6, 8


Executive Committee

General Overseer: Rev. Shannon Truelove  (Full Gospel Assembly, Hartford, MI)

Asst. General Overseer: Rev. Frank Angié (IPCC, Atlanta, GA)

General Secretary: Rev. Larry Austin (IPCC, Carson City, MI)

General Treasurer: Rev. Ervin Hargrave  (Headquarters, London, OH)

Director of Global Missions: Dr. Clyde Hughes (IPCC, London, OH)

Director of Church Ministries:  Rev. Larry Austin (IPCC, Carson City, MI)

Director of Stewardship Ministries: Open


General Board

Consists of the Executive Committee and the Overseers of individual IPCC districts.

Central District: Rev. Ervin Hargrave (IPCC, Springfield, OH)

Mid-Eastern District: Rev. Gene Boyce  (Hertford Pentecostal, Hertford, NC)

Mountain District: Rev. Terry Lykins  (Light of Christ, Staffordsville, KY)

New River District: Rev. Robert Culler, (Pinnacle, NC)

North Central District: Rev. Lonnie Truelove (Hartford, MI)

North Eastern District: Rev. Shannon Truelove  (Full Gospel Assembly, Hartford, MI)

South Eastern District: Rev. Frank Angié  (IPCC, Atlanta, GA)

Tri-State District: Rev. Shannon Truelove (Full Gospel Assembly, Hartford, MI


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Ministerial Board

Rev. Shannon Truelove, Rev. Frank Angié, Rev. Larry Austin, Rev. Ervin Hargrave


Board of Directors of Ministerial Benefit Policy

Rev. Ervin Hargrave (chairman), Rev. Larry Austin, Rev. Randall Hamilton, Rev. Randall Davis, Rev. Robert Culler


Global Missions Board

Dr. Clyde Hughes (chairman), Rev. Frank Angié, Rev. Lonnie Truelove, Rev. Michael Johnson, Rev. Chad Cannon


Missions Endowment Committee

Rev. Frank Angi鬠Rev. Damron Bradshaw, Dr. Clyde Hughes


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