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IPCC Conference News

Prayer Requests:

Cline McCallister, Nancy Houck, Frank Angié, Crabtree family and Spirit of Faith Church (Kenova, WV), Angela Taylor, Jack & Emilee Bowen, Paul McNutt, Tim & Brenda Crabtree, Damron & Mary Jane Bradshaw, Nancy Houck, Gloria Boyce, Alice Ickes, Dr. Robert Cannon, Clifford Edwards, Lowell Gayheart, Pauline Ferguson, Lucille Hardeman, Ed Hunt, Kathy Kuhn, Alma McCarty, Edna and Gary Shonkwiler, Calvin and Ellouise Weikel, and Beatrice Smithson. Pray for the IPCC churches, Ministers, Pastors, and Missionaries.  Pray for revival of the United States and that God will keep his protection upon us.

Open Churches:

Trinity Pentecostal Church, Columbus OH is in need of a Pastor.  For details call District Overseer, Ervin Hargrave at 1-937-215-7813.

100th Anniversary and Annual Conference Review:

The Pentecostal Blessing!!! 100th Year Celebration Annual Conference Day 1!!!

God moved mightily in Day 1 of the IPCC Annual Conference!

GEC and General Board Meetings: The GEC and General Board meetings were very peaceful and everything was done in decency and in order. I discussed the progress the IPCC has made over the last couple of years.  In both board meetings we discussed ways that the IPCC can grow and go forward in Jesus name!!

VBS (ages 4-12): The Rachel Miller Tabernacle (RMT) was for VBS (ages 4-12). The children thoroughly enjoyed VBS.

Missionary Appreciation Banquet:

There were representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and United States represented at the Missions Appreciation Banquet! We had Superintendents from Argentina (Ceferino Martinez), Brazil (Daniel Silva), and Chile (Richard Patricio Araya Valdes) present at the  banquet! Missionary Glenda Atcheson shared what God was doing in Mexico. South American Field Secretaries Frank Angie (Ipcc Sedistrict) and Damron Bradshaw also shared what was happening in South America. Pastor Javier Canenguez greeted the people and testified of the goodness of God that is happening in the mission field of Honduras.

Opening Campmeeting Service Featuring Global Missions:

All I can say is "To God be the glory!!!" It was a fantastic service started off by a flag procession of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and United States. It was followed by Sis. Tina Owens singing beautifully, "The Star Spangled Banner".  Missions Director Clyde M. Hughes did an outstanding job explaining the history of Missions in the various churches represented in the service. The worship, which was very upbeat, encouraging and anointed, was led by Pastor Tim Bartee and his church and Pastor Nick Hill . Rev. Daniel Silva of Brazil preached a challenging message entitled, The Revival Church. He expressed 3 things a church needs to have Revival: 1) Prayer  2) The Power of the Holy Ghost and 3) The Power of the Word.  During the altar service many lives were touched as the Holy Spirit ministered to them!  It was great seeing some IPCC people that we hadn't seen in quite a while!!!

The Pentecostal Blessing!!! 100th Year Anniversary Celebration and Annual Conference!!!  Days 2 & 3

God continued to move in days 2 & 3 of Annual Conference!!

Day 2!!!

Prayer: You know God is moving when people come early for prayer especially when prayer is scheduled at 7AM. All of the South Americans came for prayer once again!!! As we were praying the Lord showed me that prayer is what it takes for the IPCC to grow and go forward!!!!

Missions Board Meeting: By Clyde Hughes: GLOBAL MISSIONS BOARD MEETING – The Global Missions Board, co-sponsored with the General Conference:  the hospitality of the large South American delegation to Conference, some of our churches and a quick tour of Washington and New York.  Since we have delegated the South American continent to our national churches there, our greatest role is to encourage them in their missions outreaches. By enhancing the relationship, we empower those who are much more capable of reaching similar or closer cultures than are we.

There was a lengthy conversation with missionary to Mexico, Glenda Atcheson. We are thrilled to report the school at Bustemante is reopening after years of inactivity. Although the cartels and low level criminals are still preventing safe travel, the church is prospering and numbers about 35 churches.

Updates of our churches in Mexico, Honduras, French Guiana, Suriname, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, and India were given. Over 700 churches represent us in 15 nations. Chester Miller, an IPCC icon’s eyes would get proud whenever he would hear me say, "there is no organization our size as accomplished around the world". God has blessed the efforts of generations with His eternal fruit.

Women's Ministries Convention:

There was a large number of women that came to the Women's Convention!!!! As always, a wonderful breakfast was prepared. Stephanie Truelove brought a message about Lazarus rising from the dead and how we need to rise from the dead. Officers are: President, Stephanie Arant Truelove, Vice-President, Penny Gray, Secretary, Gaytha Keech, Treasurer, Cheryl Hargrave, and Board Member, Trudy Wright. The IPCC thanks Janice Boyce for her years of service to the IPCC Women's Ministries.

Church Growth Seminar:

Pastor Marcio Amorim, Senemi ICPB missions director of the Brazilian ICPB, done a fantastic job sharing ideas on how a church can grow. Some churches in Brazil have experienced great growth!! He also stressed that people should always seek to mentor someone and fellowship with one another. Everyone who attended was blessed!!!

VBS (ages 4-12):

The children continued to enjoy VBS!!! The RMT was decorated very well! Many people worked many hours getting it together. The kids are loved it and looked forward to it every time!

Campmeeting Service Featuring Women's Ministries:

The Conference was packed out that night. The worship led by Pastor Nick Hill and Pastor Tim Bartee and his church was once again very anointed!  The Women's Ministries portion of the service was very emotional as a video showing the history of the women's ministry was played. It was Janice Boyce's last year as Women's Ministries President of the IPCC. A crown was placed on her head as she was named "Woman of the Year". Pray for Stephanie Truelove and the Women's Ministries Board as they lead the women of the IPCC. Bishop Jay Walden, his family and many Church of God Mountain Assembly people were present during the service. We are thankful for the connection between the IPCC and CGMA!!!

Pastor Tommy Bates from Independence, Kentucky preached a great message on the last days!!!! He talked about the importance of the Pentecostal church! Pastor Tommy Bates is a talented singer, musician, and preacher!! The altars were full as people were seeking God for a refreshing in their lives. The IPCC was blessed to have such dynamic speakers this year at Annual Conference.

Day 3!!!


Many people came early for prayer once again to pray for Annual Conference. The prayer meeting continued to get bigger every day as people were seeking the Lord.

General Conference Business:

There was minimal business this year including; no by-law changes, as concentration was given to the 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Chairman's Address & Communion, 100th Year Video of the IPCC and Awards Ceremony:

I preached a message entitled "Called, Chosen, Faithful" for my Chairman's address. It was well received. The presence of the Lord was present as we gathered to have Communion.  The Lord has plans for the IPCC!  The 100th Anniversary video was 31 minutes long and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Stephanie Truelove spent many hours putting it together.

Cook-out at the Pond and IPCC Festival of Faith and Family:

Many people went to the Cookout and enjoyed the festivities of the day. The children were blessed to have nice inflatables to play on.

Campmeeting Service: The Worship once again was fantastic. It was a blessing to have Bishop David E. Ramirez, 3rd Assistant General Overseer for the Church of God was present and greeted the people. Damron Bradshaw presented a song that Chester Miller wrote that is now being song on CD. Rev. Richard Patricio Araya Valdes of Chile greeted the people with a dynamic video inviting them to Chile's Mission's Conference in November. Dr. Bryan Cutshall gave a very encouraging message on Heaven that ministered to everyone present in the building. There was a great crowd once again as people came expecting!!! The altar service was one of the most powerful altar services in quite some time at an IPCC Annual Conference.

The Pentecostal Blessing!!! 100th Year Anniversary Celebration and Annual Conference!!! Days 4!!!

God continued to move in day 4 (Thursday) of Annual Conference!!

Day 4!!!


Once again people came early to pray! The reason why this year's Annual Conference was so good is because of prayer.

Mission's Breakfast at Der Dutchman:

The Mission's Breakfast at Der Dutchman was great as usual! Der Dutchman has some of the best food around. Over 60 people attended the breakfast. The IPCC heard from Superintendent Richard Araya of Chile, Superintendent Ceferino Martinez of Argentina, and Missionary Rui Valim of Brazil. Rui Valim shared several stories on how God was with him during some difficult times in the ministry. He faced malaria, povery, hunger, rejection, snake bites, heartache, adversity, etc. and overcame it by God's grace!!!  It was very encouraging to hear the 3 brothers speak.

International Board Meeting:

Rev. Daniel Silva and Pastor Marcio of Brazil, Ceferino Martinez of Argentina, Richard Araya of Chile, Shannon Truelove and Clyde Hughes of USA, and translators Javier Canenguez and Danilo Garcia met to discuss the International Ministry of the IPCC!!! The ICPB of Brazil has an aggressive vision to reach many people for the Lord! They are sending out Missionaries all around the world!!! The major part of the meeting involved a discussion on how the International works were doing.


The children had their final day of VBS. Every child that came enjoyed it! We are thankful to those who worked hard on preparing it.

Final Camp Meeting Service:

The Last Service was like the icing on top of the cake. Bryan Cutshall preached another infomative and anointed message about Spiritual Warfare. During the altar service many people where touched by the Lord! Revival has broken out in the IPCC! People left refreshed, renewed and on fire!!!

Next Year's Annual Conference will be July 23rd - July 26th! The theme will be "Holy Ghost Revolution!!!" Make plans to attend!!!

Springfield IPCC, Springfield, Ohio:

July 16th --- My family (wife-Stephanie Arant Truelove, daughter-Breanna, son-Zach), IPCC Mission's Director Clyde M. Hughes, Central District Overseer, Ervin Hargrave and his wife Cheryl, IPCC Minister Sam Miller and his wife Connie, Women's Ministry President Janice Boyce and her husband William had the privilege of being in the morning service with our South American Delegation at Springfield IPCC in Springfield, Ohio where Richard Blevins and Daisy Blevins (daughter of Chester Miller) serve as Pastors. The South America delegation consisted of 7 people from Brazil (ICPB Superintendent Daniel Silva, ICPB Mission's Director Senemi Icpb Marcio Amorim, Translator Dan Garcia, Missionary Rui Valim, ICPB Treasurer Homerito, Danilo Pinheiro, and Isaque), 2 people from Chile (Superintendent Richard Patricio Araya Valdes, and Daniel) and the Argentinian Superintendent Ceferino Martinez. The service at Springfield IPCC was very touching!!! All 3 South American Superintendents and the Brazilian Mission's Director testified of the goodness of God!!! Long time Missionary Rui Valim preached a heart felt message entitled "Set your Affections on Things Above!!!" He testified of his relationship with Horace and Carolyn Ward, Russell and Annie Frew, and Chester and Annie Miller. The altars where full of people praying and seeking the Lord on behalf of those who were sick. Afterwards Pastor Blevins treated everyone to a wonderful meal at Golden Corral. It was a memorable morning for everyone!!

After lunch Clyde Hughes took me and the South American delegation to see Duteil Ward (Brazilian ICPB founder Horace Ward's son) who was in the hospital at that time. Rui Valim and the South American delegation expressed great love and gratitude to Duteil Ward and the Ward family. It was a touching visit! We prayed together in the hospital and the power of God could be felt. After the hospital visit, we visited the grave sight of the first Pentecostal Church of Christ Bishop, John Stroup.  It was a good time of reflection.

DayStar Church, London, Ohio:

For the evening service on Sunday, July 16th the South American delegation, Clyde and Linda Hughes, Assistant General Overseer and IPCC SE District Overseer, Frank Angie, IPCC minister, Kathy Salyer and my family and I visited Daystar Church where Warren and Tina Owens are Pastors. The presence of the Lord was strong in that place! Chile Superintendent, Richard Patricio Araya Valdes preached a great message on "Partaking of the Table of God!" The altar service was life changing as many that were present received a word from the Lord!!!

Full Gospel Assembly, Hartford, Michigan:

Nine of the South American delegation were taken to the Full Gospel Assembly in Hartford, MI where Bishop Shannon Truelove serves as Pastor.  Full Gospel Assembly had a Day of International Ministry. Rev. Daniel Silva preached during the morning service and Pastor Marcio Amorim preached in the Sunday evening service. There were really good crowds that day. Missionary, Rui Valim and Pastor Ceferino Martinez testified. Food was served after both services. Five other area churches came to worship in the evening service.  It was like a little taste of heaven!

Salyersville IPCC, Salyersville, Kentucky:

I visited Sunday school at Saylersville IPCC Church. Pastor Phillip Pucket reports that the church has been in a great revival since the 1st of the year with many young people giving their hearts to the Lord. It was encouraging to see that the church had a variety of age groups present.

Light of Christ Christian Church, Staffordsville, Kentucky:

I was honored to preach for the Light of Christ Christian Church’s Homecoming where Terry and Tammie Lykins serve as Pastors. The church has been in existence since 1922. Pastor Terry Lykins has served as Pastor for 28 years. It was a packed out crowd with cars lined up on the side of the road. A wonderful dinner was served that day as well. Six babies were dedicated to the Lord!!! During the altar service 5 people either gave their lives or rededicated their lives to Jesus!!! It was a memorable Homecoming!!

During my time in the Mountain District I also had the privilege of visiting with Pastor William and Lisa Perkins and their son, Isaac of New Life Worship Center.

Pentecostal Tabernacle, Catlettsburg, Kentucky:

It was a blessing to visit the Pentecostal Tabernacle where Dean and Kathy Kuhn serve as Pastors. Pastor Dean Kuhn has served the IPCC as a faithful minister for many years. The people were very responsive to the word and a great spirit was felt that evening!!!  It was great to see longtime IPCC minister Pauline Ferguson at church that evening as well. She is 95 years old and still going strong for the Lord. Young IPCC minister, Cory Rawlins, was also there and he is growing in the Lord. Bro. Cory has learned how to play the piano and played the piano wonderfully that night.

During my time in the Tri-State District I had wonderful fellowship with Spirit of Faith Pastors Tim and Brenda Crabtree. The Spirit of Faith Church is currently being remodeled after a fire that caused extreme damage. I also visited the longest serving IPCC member, Edna Shonkwiler, and Portsmouth IPCC Pastors Gary and Brenda Shonkwiler. Edna is currently in a nursing home and under hospice care. Please keep her in prayer.

1st International Women’s Conference --- Brazil ICPB:

My family (Stephanie, Breanna, Zach) and I along with 4 women from DayStar church (Pastor Tina Owens, Angela Gordon Eden, Kristin McPherson, and Rachel Cordle) had the honor of visiting Brazil. Stephanie had the honor of preaching once at the 1st International Women’s Conference and Pastor Tina Owens preached twice at the Conference. Women from Brazil, America, Argentina, and South Sudan came for the Conference. The altar services were powerful and the messages preached were well received.

Testimonial from Stephanie Truelove:

Words cannot describe the experience I had in Brazil. I feel like God has connected us with long lost family members. While we were there the Lord moved and touched our lives. The women’s conference was truly a blessing. Sis. Tina Owens and I ministered and the word God gave us touched hearts and lives. You could feel the presence of the Lord very strongly there. It is an experience that will forever be etched in my heart. I truly feel this is just the beginning of something extraordinary that God has planned!

Sis. Tina and I also had the privilege of preaching in the following churches: ICPB Cenco, ICPB Aquas Lindoia, ICPB Mogi Guacu, ICPB Andradas, ICPB Itapira, and ICPB Mount Zion. The services were powerful there as many people received salvation, healing, and deliverance. God is doing great things in Brazil.

Church of God Mountain Assembly Conference (CGMA)

North Central District Overseer, Lonnie Truelove, had the privilege of representing the IPCC at the CGMA Annual Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He reports that their campmeeting was very lively and Bishop Jay Walden of the CGMA preached a very anointed message!!! I was unable to attend the CGMA Annual Conference because of my trip to Brazil.  A large CGMA delegation attended our Annual Conference. The CGMA is one of our closest sister denominations. 


Upcoming Events (Mark your Calendars)

September 20th – September 22nd --- Church Leadership Conference, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee --- for details contact Bishop Shannon Truelove at 1-269-767-1580

Saturday November 4th ---Feast of Ingathering, London, Ohio --- for details contact Sis. Stephanie Truelove at 1-269-303-6434

If you have any prayer requests or church news to share please let me know.

God Bless and keep the faith!


Bishop Shannon Truelove,

General Overseer, IPCC




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